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Opened in March 2020, Mont Blanc Distributor is a flagship store dedicated to offer slabs of Mont Blanc white quartzite.

The purpose is to offer a wide selection of slabs, in different patterns and finishing. Prompt delivery. Comfortable and customized environment for easy selection and inspection. 

At Mont Blanc Distributor the client will have access to a various patterns that the quarry offers to us. All of them beautiful and with an outstanding finishing. Just choose the one that better matches your project. 

Meet new trends of finishing and applications. Get to know a bit of the production chain. Get tips on installation and maintenance. Client support services. Be inspired by beautiful projects signed by renowned designers. All about the more desired white quartzite at market: Mont Blanc!

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Mont Blanc quarry is located in the heart of Bahia State. It is a unique stone formation, rare beauty, light and clear background with veins and soft movements that fulfill the material surface with charm and elegance.

The quarry has a big rock reserve that guarantees a stable supplying with high level of quality, quarried with state-of-the-art machines and up-dated technology systems and processes, including Environmental special cares.

Willcomex is a Company participant of the Mont Blanc Quartzite Group, therefore an official distributor of blocks and slabs.

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Strategics partnerships have been built between Willcomex and a leading services companies in stone market sector, in order to transform our Mont Blanc blocks into perfect finished slabs.


Our Partners are equipped with latest processing technology systems and state of the art machines. Quality primary materials are a must.

Working with high standard quality control, they are experts in processing quartzites and exotic stones. Those are the partners that we value!


From the block selection at quarry until the finished slab being delivered to our client´s warehouse, all of our slabs are carefully checked and inspected, so that its quality can be assured and finally approved by the client to be shipped.  


Being focused and specialized in processing and trading only Mont Blanc quartzite, gives us more expertise, more cares, more experience and knowledge. It means better results!

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